Copenhagen aims to be the world’s cleanest capital

Less litter in the streets of Copenhagen. With a new campaign, the City of Copenhagen aims to be the cleanest capital in Europe by 2015.

Since 2011, the amount of litter in the capital has increased by 31 per cent, states the City of Copenhagen. As a result, the City has gathered public and private players in a campaign to find new methods to make the city cleaner.

Head of the technical and environmental management department in Copenhagen Claus Robl is pleased to see that companies and organisations alike support the project.

-I believe the key to success is joint efforts and dedication, says Claus Robl in a press release.

The group behind the new campaign “Clean love to CPH” consists of Jeudan, McDonald’s, DSB, Keep Denmark Clean, The City Centre of Copenhagen and Danish Design Centre.

The campaign tests new campaign methods, including “nudging” that seeks to influence behaviour at the expense of traditional information campaigns.

Nudging is a matter of changing bad habits through discrete hints and nudges. Among other things, the City of Copenhagen wraps garbage bins in bright colours, while colourful footprints on the street mark the way to the garbage bins. These initiatives are supposed to make people throw litter in the bins and not on the streets.

-It is all about making it easier for people to do, what they really want to do, explains behavioural scientist at University of Southern Denmark Pelle Guldborg Hansen.

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