Copenhagen is a leader in human capital

Copenhagen is the third richest city in the world in terms of human capital. A high number of tuition-free universities is one of the reasons for this, writes the MetroXpress daily newspaper.

The Economist Intelligence Unit has conducted an analysis of the competitiveness and level of human capital in 120 of the world’s largest cities. Human capital is largely determined by the quality of the educational system and the capital of Denmark has secured third spot in this ranking, and was only surpassed by Hong Kong and Dublin.

According to Kim Bek, Director of Intelligence and Marketing at Copenhagen Capacity, this high position is strongly correlated to proper and tuition-free education.

- We have a long list of high-quality tertiary education courses. Everyone has access to them and this is internationally unique and of great importance for companies which need highly-educated experts, says Kim Bek.

According to the analysis, a strong entrepreneurial spirit and the ability to attract foreign nationals are key elements in Copenhagen’s high ranking in terms of human capital.

- Looking ahead, this issue will be central to the competitiveness of the Capital Region, because it is a decisive factor in regard to meeting the demands of the business community. Consequently, we will of course emphasise this ranking to our international companies. However, we should be proud of this, whilst remembering to keep working on improvements, concludes Kim Bek.

Torben Holm, President of the Danish European Student Convention, agrees.

- If quality of education is measured in equal and free access, then I am not surprised that Copenhagen has been given this ranking. We can be proud of that, says Torben Holm.

In the aggregate assessment by the Economist Intelligence Unit, Copenhagen was placed 23rd out of the 120 cities.