Copenhagen Capacity continues to create Danish jobs

1,368 new jobs in the Copenhagen region. This is one of the results achieved in 2011 by Copenhagen Capacity, an organisation set up to attract investment to Copenhagen and the Copenhagen region. In 2012, the organisation will be aiming to make the Copenhagen region even more attractive as a destination for foreign companies and talent. There is a need for both if jobs and growth are to continue being created in the region

- 2011 was a significant year for Copenhagen Capacity. In line with our strategy, we made a strong start and despite a difficult market we managed to stay ahead of our objective all through the year. A strong 2011 has set the scene for 2012 where part of the goal is the further development of central clusters with international potential as well as attracting more foreign talent to Denmark, says Copenhagen Capacity’s managing director, Claus Lønborg.

In November last year, Copenhagen Capacity was able to announce that the total from its record year in 2010 had already been passed. In 2011, the organisation played a part in the creation of 1,368 new jobs in 32 investment cases, which is an increase of 15.5% compared to 2010.

Talent and clusters create growth
Copenhagen Capacity’s enhanced efforts within the clusters and the attraction and retention of foreign talent has meant an increase in the number of employees in the organisation and also a new organisational structure. In 2012, these changes will ensure that the organisation will play an even greater role in raising the profile of the Copenhagen region. Claus Lønborg explains:

- In a globalised world it is a fact that companies establish themselves in the best places for them to carry out their business. In 2011 we have therefore set up an increased number of projects in close cooperation with municipal, regional, and national players with the aim of making the Copenhagen region an even more attractive destination for foreign companies.

At the end of 2011 Copenhagen Capacity, working closely with a number of public and private players, obtained funding for initiating the “Copenhagen Talent Bridge” project that aims to attract more international talent in the shape of specialists and international students to companies and educational establishments in Denmark.

- The access to strong clusters and a qualified workforce is a global competitive parameter nowadays and is an important asset in making the Copenhagen region the leading destination for foreign investment in Europe, says Claus Lønborg.