Closed Vestas site becomes offshore park

The Danish wind turbine giant Vestas’ production site in Skagen, which was shut down in 2010, has been reborn as an offshore park, writes

The initiative will reorganise the 6,512 square metre-sized site into an off-shore park and to help Danish sub-suppliers land orders in Norway.

- For years, Norway has been of the opinion that the oil adventure was about to end. But the discovery of the third largest oilfield in the North Sea last year has showed that the adventure has only just begun. In the coming years, more than 400 supply ships will be built in Norway alone, says Einar Rune Vinningland, CEO of Globe Group and spokesperson for the companies behind the union “Skagen Offshore Park.”

He believes Denmark has what Norway is looking for with regard to qualified labour and knowledge.

To begin with, five companies will move into the former Vestas buildings.