Cleantech and business goes hand in hand

The stubborn Danish tradition of implementing a green mindset in the development of technology has had a significant impact for Danish cleantech ideas’ international potential and success

Green, sustainable growth are buzz words uttered all over the world and when it comes to developing cleantech ideas, Denmark has been in the driver seat for some time, writes the Jyllands-Posten daily newspaper.

Danish, competent entrepreneurs look to carry forth the heritage from the windmill adventure and other cleantech veterans.

The last few years Denmark has been sitting comfortably in the international cleantech elite and this is very much due to the Danish way of thinking green, reckons Michael Bak, Director of the organisation Venture Cup.

- One of the reasons we are so skilled in cleantech activities, is that we have already been doing this for many years. It comes natural for Danish companies to think in these patterns. Including start-up companies. This gives us an advantage in many ways, says Michael Bak.

While environmentally friendly technology has been a point of emphasis for Danish enterprises for many years, several foreign nations have not embarked upon this path until five to ten years ago. This means that the market for cleantech is expanding and the competition is increasing.

- When it comes to environment, there is a large portion of idealism in Denmark. Especially in the early phase, where we encounter entrepreneurs. Their key motivation is that they wish to make a difference. And perhaps this brings the extra perspective into the Danish way of thinking and allows us to think broader and more innovatively, concludes Michael Bak.