The Capital Region of Denmark enters into a strong new cultural collaboration

For the first time, a cultural agreement has been signed between the region, the municipalities and the government, according to a press release issued by the Capital Region of Denmark.

The aims are for the Øresund Region to gain higher status in the cultural landscape, to bring culture to the streets and to promote creativity amongst children and young people. Furthermore, there are plans to hold more major sporting events and to promote the Øresund Region in the European cultural scene. These are some of the aims of the joint cultural agreement that the Capital Region, 26 municipalities and the minister of cultural affairs gathered to sign on January 23rd.

The aim of the Øresund Cultural Metropolis (KulturMetropolØresund) is to bring together forces in the Capital Region. The agreement is going to be the first binding cultural collaboration across the Capital Region. The long-term vision is to reach across Øresund and create a cultural metropolis in the Øresund Region. The agreement has therefore been named the Øresund Cultural Metropolis.

- We are looking forward very much to this wide-ranging cultural collaboration. By collaborating in a coherent cultural region we will be able to create new cultural experiences for the citizens of the region which one municipality acting alone would not have been able to offer. The citizens of the Capital Region look to experience culture in their own region. Therefore, it seems natural that we as politicians abandon the thought of municipal boundaries and instead cooperate to create the best possible cultural experiences to the benefit of all, says Peer Seerup Knudsen, member of the Regional Council and member of the steering committee of the Øresund Cultural Metropolis.

For further information, the Capital Region of Denmark’s press department can be contacted at or by phone: 0045 48 20 50 000045 48 20 50 00.