600 million DKK for strategic research

The Danish Council for Strategic Research is offering approximately 600 million DKK for research that is able to contribute to solving considerable social challenges and that can provide a foundation for future growth and prosperity in Denmark.

Among the council’s main priorities are public/private partnerships as a means to strengthen knowledge-sharing and increase innovation in society, the greater internationalisation of Danish research, interdisciplinarity and the involvement of public and private actors in research cooperation, research education and good research management.

SPIR – Strategic Platforms for Innovation and Research – is an initiative with the aim of making it attractive for companies to participate in the planning and execution of research activities and to strengthen the connection between research and innovation. The initiative is being carried out in cooperation with The Danish Council for Technology and Innovation. It is possible to apply for funding for a SPIR in 2012 within: The Biobased Society.

For more information on SPIR, please visit The Danish Council for Strategic Research website