New Medicon Valley business portal

New business portal for Medicon Valley provides you with the full overview of Scandinavia’s leading life science cluster. We are ready to help you explore your business opportunities.

Copenhagen Capacity and Invest in Skåne are proud to present the new and improved version of the website 

Medicon Valley, spanning Greater Copenhagen and Skåne in Southern Sweden, is one of Europe’s leading life science clusters.

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A guide to business in Medicon Valley

The new website guides foreign companies, investors and other organisations in life sciences, who are interested in collaboration with or doing business in Medicon Valley. The website provides a full overview of the life sciences ecosystem in Greater Copenhagen, including facts about the industry, research infrastructure and current business opportunities. 

“Medicon Valley is the leading biotech and pharma hub in Scandinavia with one of Europe’s largest product pipelines and therapeutic strongholds in cancer, metabolic diseases, inflammation and neurology research. Our intention with new portal is to increase the awareness of the many business opportunities in Medicon Valley, and Copenhagen Capacity is ready to assist foreign businesses, investors and talent who wish to become a part of this vibrant hub”, says Claus Lønborg, CEO, Copenhagen Capacity.

The site also offers a large company database enabling visitors to conduct searches and find information about life science companies and organisations in the region. offers you: 

  • 460 companies and organisations in the searchable database.
  • Access to a list of over 20 science parks and research centres and incubators.
  • Access to a list of projects and initiatives. 
  • Maps of biotech, pharma and medtech companies for download.

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About Medicon Valley

Medicon Valley, located at the gateway to Denmark and Sweden, brings together world-class universities, hospitals, research institutions and life science companies, providing a strong triple helix system. Medicon Valley’s cluster membership organisation is Medicon Valley Alliance.

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