Danish Architecture Centre and China Building Centre sign cooperation agreement

New cooperation agreement sets out to strengthen export opportunities for Danish and Chinese companies.

The China Building Centre and the Danish Architecture Centre have signed an agreement, which sets out to strengthen export opportunities for Danish and Chinese companies and to increase knowledge sharing among authorities, investors and organisations in the two countries.

Danish expertise in sustainable construction

One of the obvious potentials of the agreement is the field of sustainable construction. China has an increasing demand for green technology solutions and knowhow in sustainable construction and building materials. Denmark, on the other hand, has more than 40 years of expertise in energy efficiency in buildings and building renovation, and a fast growing expertise in sustainable construction.

“DAC intends to expand our global perspective and increase cooperation across borders. We have now strengthened our relationship with China. The country is a major operator in terms of the future of architecture and construction, and the agreement provides us with great opportunities for closer networks, conferences, study trips and export campaigns,” said Mikkel Kragh, Head of DAC&BUILD at the Danish Architecture Centre.

The cooperation agreement covers five areas:

  1. Global conferences.
  2. International networking and B2B matchmaking.
  3. Knowledge sharing.
  4. Publication.
  5. Courses and educational programmes.

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