Copenhagen no. 3 on Sustainable Cities Index 2015

Copenhagen takes a third place among 50 cities worldwide on the Sustainable Cities Index 2015 ranking 3rd on planet, 5th on people and 11th on profit.

The Sustainable Cities Index by Arcadis explores the three demands of People, Planet and Profit to develop an indicative ranking of 50 of the world's leading cities.

Copenhagen ranks no. 3 overall, performing very well on all three sub-indices:

No. 3 on the Planet sub-index looking at city energy consumption and renewable energy share, recycling rates, greenhouse gas emissions, natural catastrophe risk, drinking water, sanitation and air pollution.

No. 5 on the People sub-index rating transport infrastructure, health, education, income equality, work-life balance, the dependency ratio and green spaces within cities. These indicators can be broadly thought of as capturing “quality of life” for the population.

No. 11 on the Profit sub-index examining performance from a business perspective, combining measures of transport infrastructure (rail, air, other public transport and commuting time), ease of doing business, the city’s importance in global economic networks, property and living costs, GDP per capita and energy efficiency.

About the Sustainable Cities Index
The research was conducted by the Centre for Economics and Business Research ( and examines 50 cities from 31 countries ranking them across a range of indicators to estimate the sustainability of each city. The cities included within this report were selected to provide an overview of the planet’s cities, providing not only wide-ranging geographical coverage, but also a variety of levels of economic development, expectations of future growth and an assortment of sustainability challenges. A detailed, evidence-based metric is derived to quantify each city’s performance.

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