Copenhagen: great for technology, innovation and entrepreneurship

Copenhagen is a Big Data hub offering a dynamic start-up environment with centrally located office spaces and a city brand that attracts international attention, according to new report by CITIE.

Copenhagen is an ambitious and dynamic city riding a wave of technology-enabled growth and with strategies embedding innovation and entrepreneurship across a range of policy areas, says a new report by City Initiatives for Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CITIE). 

The report categorises 40 cities into four groups based on overall performance with the aim to support cities to develop policies fostering innovation and entrepreneurship.

Copenhagen is an open, well-connected city

Copenhagen performs very well across a range of parameters:

City as a datavore: High-performing cities turn Big Data into smart data, working with innovative businesses to do this.

City as a connector: High-performing cities supports comprehensive and frictionless connectivity providing high-quality internet as well as infrastructure enabling citizens to get around the city easily – sparking circulation of new ideas and the growth of young businesses.

City as a host: High-performing cities cater to the needs of young businesses by providing access to flexible office space and physical proximity close to potential collaborators, customers, advisors, employees and investors as well as connecting different parts of the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

City as an advocate: High-performing cities use their influence to help local businesses in building their reputation and networks as well as in getting the attention of investors, partners or customers.

About the CITIE research

CITIE is the product of a partnership between Nesta, Accenture and the Future Cities Catapult under CITIE.Index. Read more about the research and methodology here.

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