The new European School Copenhagen is now accepting applications

Denmark’s new European School, which opens in August, is now accepting applications for school admission.

The European School Copenhagen will start with a Danish and English language section with a nursery and a primary class in each. The new school is part of the internationally-renowned Sankt Annæ Gymnasium, which has a strong tradition in languages, natural sciences and music. The intention is for the four new classes which start in August to be closely connected with Sankt Annæ in order for students from both schools to be able to make lasting friendships.

The objective of the ESCPH is to offer a high educational standard to children with parents employed by the EU, children of parents working for international companies, and Danish children.

Students at the European School will study for the European Baccalaureate exam (EB), which is recognised for its high academic standards and grants entry to higher education worldwide.

For further information, please visit the ESCPH website.