The Danish government focuses on top international students

A survey by the Confederation of Danish Industries indicates that a highly educated foreign national creates value equivalent to almost two additional jobs which is an advantage for both Danish businesses and the economy. For that reason, the Danish government wants to make Denmark an even more attractive study destination for international talents.

The Danish government is now launching an ambitious plan with 24 specific initiatives and five benchmarks to attract and retain talented international students and create growth and employment in Danish companies.

The Danish Minister for Higher Education and Science Sofie Carsten Nielsen states that Denmark is highly dependent on international talent in order to secure the future of Denmark.

“International talent adds significant value to both Danish businesses and society in general. For that reason, we are specifically interested in attracting the very best students - both from Europe and from the rest of the world. International students enhance the top level of Danish educations and they are a source of growth for Danish companies. We are only able to do well in the tough international competition if we have a global outlook. And that is why we are launching this specific plan”, says the minister.

New type of establishment pass
In order to retain more of the most highly-educated international graduates, the government will also introduce an establishment pass which gives graduates with a master’s or PhD from a Danish study programme access to take up work in Denmark for two years with no requirements as to income level. The establishment pas also offers them the opportunity to start their own business.

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