Ports in Denmark to invest billions in expanding infrastructure and facilities

Danish ports are expected to invest EUR 8.3 billion (approx. $11.4 billion) in expansions that will secure the future of the ports not least within the container industry, the wind turbine sector, and maritime services in general.

According to a recent estimate by the industry association Danish Ports, 20 major Danish ports, which together generate a total annual turnover of EUR 3 Billion, plan to invest EUR 8.3 Billion in the coming years, mainly in new areas.

- For the eight largest ports in Denmark the most important function is still to be a transportation hub, but other ports are mainly locally-based and here investments are primarily aimed at commercial development. Altogether, there is significant growth in activities in Danish ports – from fishery to wind turbines and containers as well as maritime services, which are experiencing rapid growth these years, says Head of Secretariat, Tom Elmer Christensen from Danish Ports.

Around 80 per cent of the international goods transportation to and from Denmark is carried by ship, and the total amount of goods in Europe is expected to double before 2050.