New intelligent parking solutions for cyclists

New project in the Öresund Region focuses on developing intelligent parking solutions for bicycles.

Inner city parking is a well-known dread to most car drivers, and in the Öresund Region, to many cyclists as well. A new project now focuses on developing new intelligent parking solutions for the city cyclists in this region.

By making the life of the cyclist easier, the new initiative seeks to even further increase the number of cyclist to reduce the environmental impact and increase public health.

Part of Öresund Smart City Hub
The project to improve bicycle-parking solutions is a part of the Öresund Smart City Hub. The Smart City concept incorporates a variety of questions regarding the development of green, sustainable cities. In the Öresund Region in particular, the emphasis for more sustainable cities lies especially on bicycling, street lighting and water management.

With biking accounting for an estimated of 40% of all transport in Lund, Malmö and Copenhagen, the Öresund Region is a region with sustainable transport systems already high on the agenda.

“The Öresund Region is already one of the world’s leading bicycle regions. By collaborating on smart city planning, in particular within bicycle parking, we are to become a pioneer within this area. Our aim is to develop a smart, green region that will be a beacon within the Smart City concept”, says Finn Lauritzen, Director of The Öresund Committee.

New bicycle-friendly focus
The improvement of bicycle parking solution is a clear step towards a new focus on green environment friendly transport solutions. The Öresund Region hereby moves away from the existing practise of city planning of having the car driver in focus. Instead it aims to offer better conditions, wider biking-lanes and new intelligent parking solutions to the cyclists.