Expats in Denmark: A happy place for families

Denmark receives the highest rating for family well-being in general in the Expat Insider Survey 2014.

In the Expat Insider Survey 2014, Denmark boasts a friendly attitude towards families with children – 90% of respondents give Denmark a positive rating.

  • 97% of expats in Denmark rate their children’s overall well-being high.
  • 94% are satisfied with the health and safety of their children – 63% even rate this factor "very good".
  • 91% give a positive answer when asked for their personal satisfaction with family life abroad.

“Denmark’s high level of work life balance offers great opportunities for pursuing your career as well as living a fulfilling family life – which is one of the reasons why CNN ranked Copenhagen the world’s healthiest city”, says, Nikolaj Lubanski, Talent Director, Copenhagen Capacity.

High quality and low cost of education and childcare
Denmark does not disappoint in other aspects, either. All in all, 72% appreciate the country for the easy availability of childcare, while 66% are satisfied with the availability of education, lifting the country to the fourth place in the overall ranking of the category Availability of Childcare and Education.

The low cost of education (87% positive ratings) and childcare (79% positive ratings) is just another factor that makes Denmark an attractive family location.

Moreover, Denmark received more than 90% of positive answers for personal safety, as well as for political stability and peacefulness.

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Denmark ranks*:

  • No. 1 for family well-being
  • No. 2 for overall ranking of familiy life
  • No. 2 for costs of childcare and education
  • No. 4 for availability of childcare and education.

*Expat Insider Survey 2014.