Denmark awarded international energy efficiency prize

Last Wednesday, Denmark was honoured with the EE Visionary Award in Washington, DC. The judging committee said that Denmark's efforts to reduce its consumption of energy both nationally and internationally should serve as a beacon to the rest of the world.

Peter Taksøe-Jensen, the Danish Ambassador to the United States, accepted the award on behalf of his country. The jury highlighted Denmark's progressive approach to energy efficiency, noting that the country’s energy consumption has not increased since 1980, while its economy grew by nearly 80 percent over the same period.

“I am excited to receive this award, which I believe confirms Denmark's position among the world's leaders at getting the most out of each kilowatt-hour,” said Rasmus Helveg Petersen, the Danish Minister for Climate, Energy and Building.

“Over the years, Danish energy policy has required courage and investment, but it has in turn reaped major benefits, both environmentally and economically. Many Danish companies now have a competitive advantage because they use less energy than their foreign competitors” he continued.

Although Denmark is already a world leader in energy efficiency, there remains substantial potential for even greater reductions in energy use. Consumption will be reduced by another 12 percent by 2020, as part of the 2012 energy agreement. The energy companies themselves are playing an active role through guidance and financial support in helping consumers find ways to cut back on energy use.

“We have found a model in which the energy companies help their customers save energy. This has proven so successful that other EU countries are using the same method, which is yet another example of how Denmark is leading the way in the energy sector,” said Rasmus Helveg Petersen.

About the EE Visionary Award
The EE Visionary Award is given annually at the Energy Efficiency Global Forum to those cities, regions, organisations or individuals who make extraordinary efforts in the energy sector.