Copenhagen tops green city index

For the second time, Copenhagen claims the title as the ’Green City’ of the world in the GGEI report, proving the city as a top market for green investments.

Copenhagen reclaims the first place on this year’s Global Green Economy Index with decisive results on all four GGEI dimensions of Leadership & Climate Change, Efficiency Sectors, Markets & Investments and Environment & Natural Capital.

The 2014 GGEI report is the fourth edition of the index which ranks 60 countries and 70 cities on both ‘perception’ and ‘performance’ in the global green economy.

Like in 2012, Copenhagen is the highest ranked city both on its performance on greener growth pathways as well as its global reputation as a green and environment focused city.

National commitment to green development
Also, Denmark achieves a high rank on the country index, reaching an overall second place on the ‘perception’ index and a fourth on the ‘performance’ index. Showing that even though the capital city Copenhagen is the main target for green investment, innovation and information exchange around the green economy, the entire country has joined in on the green development.

Top market for green investments
These rankings show a strong Danish commitment to green development from both the private and public sector, making Denmark a top market for green investments.

Especially, the high ‘perception’ factor score places Denmark as a vital market for clean technology investments and innovation ahead of other Nordic countries.

Please read the Global Green Economy Index 2014 Report here.