Copenhagen tops EU entrepreneurship index

New international index ranks Copenhagen first for entrepreneurship in the EU.

The new Regional Entrepreneurship and Development Index (REDI) ranks the Copenhagen Region top among all the 125 EU regions in terms of supporting entrepreneurship and improving business and growth conditions for entrepreneurial companies.  

“It is with great satisfaction that we now have evidence that many years of focus on innovation and entrepreneurship is giving results”, says Marianna Lubanski, Director in Copenhagen Capacity, “when you move around in the innovation environments you get real-life documentation – Denmark is brimming with innovative companies and talent.”

All Danish regions are included in the REDI’s top 25.

About REDI
The Regional Entrepreneurship and Development Index (REDI) captures the contextual features of entrepreneurship across each of the 24 EU member states’ 125 regions.

The REDI is a comprehensive innovation strategy to strengthen Europe’s capacity for delivering smart, sustainable and inclusive growth as well as to design regional innovation strategies for smart specialisation with special attention to entrepreneurial activities as a key driver of economic recovery and employment growth.

Sponsored by the European Commission Directorate General for Regional and Urban Policy, Economic Analysis, the project is jointly carried out by the University of Groningen, Imperial College London and the University of Pecs.

Please read more about the REDI here.