Copenhagen to promote green solutions in South Africa

South Africa is Africa’s economic powerhouse, and as its economy grows so too does its need for sustainable technology. Copenhagen can help with that, and for this reason the Lord Mayor of Copenhagen, Frank Jensen, has been in South Africa to discuss Copenhagen’s green profile with the Lord Mayor of Cape Town and local firms during the fifth C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group Mayors Summit.

-South Africa’s economy is growing rapidly, and the country has ambitious goals for reducing CO2 emissions. Copenhagen wants to be the world’s first carbon-neutral capital city, and in order to achieve that we’ve come up with a number of sustainable urban initiatives, which we think could be implemented in South Africa. This would help Copenhagen firms, it would create jobs in the city, and it would help South Africa go green, says Frank Jensen.

Accompanying the mayor on the trip was Claus Lønborg, Managing Director of Copenhagen Capacity. He sees great value in visiting South Africa.

-Meeting prospective partners face-to-face creates closer relations and for those South African firms that do business in northern Europe it sends a clear signal that the interest is mutual, says Claus Lønborg.

The Copenhagen Goodwill Ambassador Corps has helped Copenhagen Capacity establish contact with the South African firms involved in the visit.

-South Africa needs more innovation and more green solutions. There is a lot of potential in using Copenhagen’s established brand to attract South African firms, explains Laura Lykkegaard, Goodwill Ambassador in South Africa