Copenhagen first in Europe to offer airline check-in onboard cruise ships

Copenhagen Airport is the first airport in Europe to offer onboard airline check-in services. This makes travelling easier for cruise passengers and gives them more time for sightseeing and shopping while in Copenhagen.

No check-in line. No waiting time… No stress. As the first airport in Europe, Copenhagen Airport now offers cruise passengers a more hassle-free trip. Cruise passengers leaving Copenhagen by air can now complete their airline check-in while onboard the ship. 

The onboard airline check-in is the result of a partnership between Copenhagen Airport, Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) and the US-based company Bags Inc. who specialises in innovative travel services. 

Great for tourists, great for tourism 
"This is good news for cruise passengers who will have one thing less to worry about during their trip; and it is good for tourism in Copenhagen because passengers will have more time to explore the city before their flight leaves. All in all, this service makes for a seamless travel experience which is an important element in our strategy,” says Thomas Woldbye, CEO, Copenhagen Airport. 

Passengers can check in and will receive their airline boarding cards on board the ship, and at the airport, they can proceed directly to airport security. Their luggage will be transferred directly from the ship to the airport, and passengers will reunite with the luggage at their home destination. 

In 2015, the service will be rolled out to more ships and airlines, and the plan is that the majority of the large cruise companies will be using use the system.