Copenhagen Airport looking to expand

A large-scale plan for expanding the capacity of Copenhagen Airport will make it capable of handling up to 40 million passengers over the next 25 years.

"Our growth vision, Expanding CPH, will enable us to handle almost twice as many passengers as we do at the moment when required to do so. It is not only that a larger airport is better for the region, it is actually a necessity if we want to ensure that Copenhagen Airport is to be the strongest hub in northern Europe," says Thomas Woldbye, CEO at Copenhagen Airport.

Need for collaboration
Copenhagen Airport's expansion plans will only be realised if the region is able to attract even more international business investment and tourists in the future.

"We have put forward a concrete vision for the expansion of Copenhagen Airport and we can and must build the necessary capacity to handle 40 million passengers annually. But the plan can only be realised if all relevant parties in the region work together. If all the players pull together, the region will be able to create the framework for handling 40 million travellers over the next two to three decades," says Thomas Woldbye.

More jobs
40 million passengers will also mean more jobs at the airport. Today, Copenhagen Airport employs 23,000 people, and 16 million additional passengers will, according to international studies, create 16,000 more jobs at the airport, with 8,000 new jobs in related industries. A full expansion of the airport will therefore result in 24,000 new jobs.