20,408 visitors to International House

International House in Copenhagen has made it even easier to be an international new arrival in the city. Over the last year, 20,408 people have visited International House to ask for help when relocating to the capital, and the high figure indicates that many newcomers in Copenhagen are seeking information about practical issues when they take up residence in the city.

Foreign nationals visit the House to get help in searching for a job or creating networks and also for assistance with different kinds of paperwork regarding civil registration numbers, work and residence permits, tax deduction cards etc. Moreover, the House gives advice on Danish courses as well as accommodation, working conditions, leisure activities, professional and social events, cultural life in Copenhagen and digital communications.

International House also assists businesses with recruiting, hiring and welcoming international employees.

Good business
And it makes really good sense to make sure that the new arrivals get off to a good start because it benefits Denmark economically in the long run, says Thomas Jacobsen, Managing Director for Copenhagen’s citizens services.

“We can see that International House contributes towards growth, and at the same time we know that if 1,000 highly educated foreign nationals stay one more year in Denmark it adds significantly to the Danish economy”, he says.

International House is a collaboration between the City of Copenhagen, the University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen University Hospital and a number of public authorities and private companies.

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