10 reasons why you should locate your business in Denmark

The Danish daily business newspaper, Børsen, has asked Danish companies what they perceive to be Danish strongholds. The results identify 10 areas in which employees and companies in Denmark surpass their international competitors, according to the surveyed companies.

1. Danish companies are specialised
Danish companies identify gaps in the market and develop business solutions to fill them. This is a key competence which often develops into a market-leading position within the respective niche. The business area can be very narrow, as long as it has an international perspective.

2. Danish companies offer the right solutions
Danish companies are focused on creating products and solutions that create value for the customer. Despite a clearly defined core business, Danish companies are willing and have the ability to quickly adapt if customer demands change.

3. Denmark equals high quality
Denmark has a strong tradition of highly skilled workers producing high-quality products. This is combined with a constant focus on innovation.

4. Danes take ownership
Danish employees perceive themselves to be part of the company and are allowed to challenge management and raise problematic issues that can be solved to the benefit of the business.

5. Education of employees
Both Danish companies and the Danish government have a strong focus on the continuous education of employees to keep up with the ever-changing demands of the market.

6. Danes are early adopters
Both Danish consumers and Danish companies are quick to embrace new ideas and new technologies, allowing them to be fully implemented more quickly than in most other countries and making the Danish market ideal for testing new products and solutions.

7. Using the Danish brand
Danish design and branding enjoy international recognition these days and Danish companies know how to use them to strengthen their business.

8. Having a broader perspective
Danish employees are not only specialists within a certain field, they are also able to have a broader perspective and find solutions as part of a team.

9. Danish efficiency
Danish labour costs are higher than in many other countries, but so is the level of efficiency. Danish companies are good at streamlining their business and lowering costs.

10. Danes are good business people
As an old seafaring nation, Denmark has developed the ability to do business through the centuries and the Danes’ business sense is a key driver in staying competitive internationally.