Top Chinese university chooses the University of Copenhagen for research centre

Researchers from the University of Copenhagen and the Fudan University in China are to collaborate on a new centre opening on 16 April 2013 at the University of Copenhagen. The Fudan-European Centre for Modern and Comparative China Studies will be the first of its kind in Europe with a focus on research into the interaction between China and Europe.

A bridge between Europe and China
The research centre will provide Danish and European researchers with a new platform to develop a deeper understanding of Chinese culture and society. Likewise, Chinese researchers and students will gain a new window into European culture and the interaction between these two parts of the world.

"It has been a great honour to work with the University of Copenhagen in establishing the first Fudan China Studies Centre in Europe. We sincerely hope that the centre will serve as a bridge as well as a platform for exchanges of views between European and Chinese scholars. The centre is also expected to promote a mutual understanding which I believe is of great significance for a more harmonious world," says Yang Yuliang, President of Fudan University.

The University of Copenhagen also welcomes the opening of the research centre. “The centre will serve as a focal point for European researchers interested in China, and vice versa. This will open up a lot of opportunities,” says Geir Helgesen, the Danish Director of the centre.

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