Millions earmarked for energy adventure with solar cells

Earlier this year, the Government and the Unity Party earmarked millions of DKK on the 2013 Finance Act to develop the next Danish energy adventure. Recently, additional DKK 16.5 million were set aside for the project.

“We are very good at design and we are very good at green energy technology. The two things in combination provide the foundation for making solar cells in Denmark,” the Social Democrats’ spokeswoman on climate and energy Pernille Rosenkrantz-Theil says.

Natural part of the building
“As the technology in Denmark is so well developed, we can make solutions that look good architecturally and are beautiful,” the Unity Party’s spokesman on energy, Per Clausen, states. .“This is an attempt to make it a natural part of buildings,” he says.

Copenhagen Towers in Ørestad on Amager, which produces as much energy as 60 single-family homes consume, is an example of a building that is equipped with solar cells.

“There is no doubt that there are plenty of opportunities in sun. Sun is here to stay. And it will be a great adventure,” CEO of Gaia Solar, Henrik Kryger says.