Large-scale Copenhagen cloudburst mitigation plans

Less flooding and more blue and green recreational areas. This is the ambition for the cloudburst mitigation plans in the Danish capital. The innovative plans provide a view into the future for cities around the world, says expert.

Two years ago, Copenhagen experienced the worst and most destructive cloudburst in the city’s history. Water poured into basements and stock rooms, resulting in damages of approximately EUR 800 million. Now the city is ready to invest heavily in safeguarding against future extreme weather, while at the same time exploiting positive aspects of the restructuring.

A blue and green city with more urban quality and increased biodiversity will be created and the innovative plans are already attracting international attention from, for example, USA and Asia.

“The plans are focused on solving cloudburst challenges, climate adaptation of the sewerage systems as well as creating higher living standards in the city that will benefit local residents,” explains expert Christian Nyerup Nielsen from Ramboll.

A view into the future
The cloudburst mitigation plan covers entire neighbourhoods of Copenhagen and provides a view into the future, not only for Denmark, but for cities around the world. The propositions in the plan can be a source of inspiration for finding the right match between urban planning and urban water solutions:

“Because of the impending climate changes, more and more cities around the world will have to make climate adaptations. They can benefit from the advanced plans in Copenhagen by finding inspiration from green solutions that will add significant value for the citizens, too,” explains Christian Nyerup Nielsen.

The plans that are developed in close cooperation between Ramboll and the municipalities of Copenhagen are now in public hearing.

This is an excerpt. Read more about the project here or here