Investors back to Denmark

Foreign investment in Denmark is important for growth and job creation. A number of new initiatives are therefore being implemented which focus on how the country can become even more attractive to foreign investors.

Denmark's Trade and Investment Minister, Pia Olsen Dyhr, will be initiating a Forum for Investment Promotion consisting of relevant authorities and organisations. The forum will ensure even greater improvements in cooperation and the coordination of efforts across different authorities to attract foreign investment.

"Denmark is ahead of the field when it comes to the ease of running a business, training provision, research and skilled labour, as well as our flexible labour market. These are strengths which we should work to maintain. At the same time, the government has started to look at how we can create jobs and improve Danish competitiveness through a smarter tax system," says Pia Olsen Dyhr, Minister for Trade and Investments.

In addition, much closer cooperation between Invest in Denmark and Copenhagen Capacity in the Capital Region and Region Zealand is in the pipeline. Furthermore, Invest in Denmark is joining forces with the National Association of Local Authorities in Denmark and the municipalities to make the municipalities better prepared to receive and retain foreign investment.

20 per cent of the private-sector workforce in Denmark is employed by foreign-owned companies, who also account for 27 per cent of exports, even though they only make up one per cent of all businesses in Denmark. In order to attract more foreign investment, it is important that efforts are made to establish 'best practices', making opportunities and promotions appear attractive and straightforward to foreign companies.