Foreign researchers are flocking to Denmark

In four years, the number of foreign researchers has risen at the three largest Danish universities. Research at a high international level and opportunities for getting projects financed lures.

Being able to attract the best international researchers is essential for competitiveness.

Internationalisation has been a success at the Danish universities. In four years, the number of foreign researchers has increased by 38 per cent at the University of Copenhagen and by 33 per cent at Aarhus University.  The Technical University of Denmark (DTU) count app. 1,300 foreign researchers and the number is expected to grow.

"Our strategy is to be an international elite university" says Tina Messerschmidt Nielsen, Director of international recruitment at DTU.

The universities emphasise globalisation as an explanation for the development. Moreover, the universities have focused strategically on attracting and retaining foreign researchers in Denmark during the last five to six years.

At the same time, policy measures such as an extended research tax regime and the possibility of wage subsidies for accompanying spouses have eliminated some of the practical problems.