eBay invests in Danish mobile knowledge

The e-commerce shopping site eBay’s Danish director holds EUR 5 million to develop its mobile platforms which customers are increasingly using.

Users of the Internet-based car dealership service Bilbasen frequently make use of their smartphones to look for new, used cars. In fact, 40 per cent of the service’s total traffic is today via mobile phones. The growth in mobile traffic is considered such a success that the director of the e-commerce site eBay’s Danish division, Morten Heuing, now holds millions to disport with in the development of mobile platforms.

Denmark way ahead
He explains that the investments in the Danish mobile commerce market are closely linked with eBay’s global focus on the mobile market.

"eBay has bought the Danish business to learn more about the developments in e-commerce and especially mobile commerce, because Denmark is generally way ahead of other countries," says Morten Heuing.

He adds that eBay within the last few years has acquired a number of companies in mobile commerce and points out that what is particularly interesting for eBay is how best to move e-commerce from the PC to the mobile, and how fast this process is.

Morten Heuing’s explanation of the strategy is short and simple:
"That's where the users are. Everything which is online, takes place on the user's premises. We have no influence on what the users do. The only thing we can do is either to be present or not be present where users are. "

Lastly, he notes the fact that sales of smartphones in 2012 exceeded the number of sold PCs worldwide