Danish wind turbines reach a record

For the second time in two months the Danish wind turbines reached a production record when they sent 3,987 megawatts into the electricity grid.
One day in March, the wind turbines in Denmark rotated so quickly that 3,987 megawatts were sent into the electricity grid. This is nearly 200 megawatts more than the previous record, and according to the press manager at Energinet, Jesper Nørskov Rasmussen, only 800 megawatts were lacking to meet the energy needs in all of Denmark.

Not only electricity for Denmark
However, the electricity generation was not only sent to Danish households. The electricity which is not included is sold on an electricity market exchange to Germany, Sweden, Norway or other countries in Europe.  

Denmark is the European country with the most high-voltage connections and submarine cables to our neighbours, which enables the country to export surplus-electricity and import electricity when the wind does not blow.

More records
In 2020, half of all Danish electricity will be generated from wind energy the government has decided.

As a result, more records will come naturally as the government fulfils its ambition to double the share of energy from wind turbines by 2020.