Danish IT company secures big US customer

The agreement between the Danish IT company Xtream and the American Fuhu is referred to as a huge breakthrough.

Danish Xstream recently signed an agreement with the technology company Fuhu. Fuhu produces one of the bestselling and popular mini-computers to children in the United States: The Nabi.  The Danish software in the Nabi makes it possible for American children to watch cartoons and children's TV at the so-called tablet.

"This is a huge breakthrough for us, and in our industry this is a dream customer. The Nabi tablet is a huge product and one of the most hyped in the US right now. They are sold at affordable prices in several of the major supermarkets such as Wall Mart, and we expect that seven million Nabi tablets will be sold this year alone," explains owner and CEO of Xstream, Frank Thorup.

High aims
Frank Thorup believes that the agreement will serve as a springboard for development and growth. One of the owners of Fuhu is the Taiwanese company Foxconn, the largest producer of technology in the world, including iPhones, iPads and Playstation. In addition, Acer and Kingston Technology are among the owners.

"These companies give us some interesting prospects," says Frank Thorup, who is planning to be among the top five in their market by 2015.

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