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New venture fund for Danish start-ups

18 4 2012  -  Business conditions

'A new capital fund will soon be available for small Danish enterprises, according to the website of Danish Radio '


Copenhagen is a leader in human capital

13 4 2012  -  Research & education

Copenhagen is the third richest city in the world in terms of human capital. A high number of tuition-free universities is one of the reasons for this, writes the MetroXpress daily newspaper.


Biotechnology is the choice of young people from the Capital Region of Copenhagen

12 4 2012  -  Research & education

Courses in biotechnology were introduced in secondary schools in 2009 when 137 pupils signed up for them. By last year this number had increased to 632 pupils.


Innovation in construction projects

10 4 2012  -  Property and Construction

Partnerships between public entrepreneurs, private enterprises and educational institutions will spark creativity in Danish construction projects


Vestas is still number one

05 4 2012  -  Companies

The Danish wind turbine giant is still world leader in wind systems, writes the Bloomberg news agency


Danish business pleased with wide political agreement on energy

04 4 2012  -  Cleantech

The recent energy settlement is both ambitious and pragmatic, states the Danish business community


More IT employees on Danish soil

03 4 2012  -  ICT and high tech industries

Denmark is expanding its employment capacity in IT


Copenhagen Cleantech Cluster contributes to roundtable discussion on Greening China’s cities of tomorrow

02 4 2012  -  Cleantech

Understanding China, Friends of Europe and EUROCHAMBRES hosted a high level roundtable in Brussels on 8 March 2012. The subject of the discussions was ‘Greening China’s cities of tomorrow’, and Copenhagen Cleantech Cluster was invited to contribute to this important debate


Delegation from Turkey with strong ambitions visits Complex Cleantech Solutions (CCS) in Copenhagen

29 3 2012  -  Cleantech

The delegation has strong green growth ambitions. With € 24 Bn to develop various sectors, they wished to learn more about Danish cleantech activities and looked to Copenhagen Complex Cleantech Solutions (CCS) for inspiration on sustainability


New Finnish air routes will create 400 jobs in Denmark

28 3 2012  -  Location and infrastructure

Travellers to and from Finland will now be travelling via Copenhagen instead of Helsinki. SAS-owned Finnish carrier Blue1's decision to use Copenhagen Airport as their hub will generate 750,000 additional travellers to and from Copenhagen from 2013.


Danish green solutions are popular abroad

22 3 2012  -  Cleantech

Danish green organisations are experiencing an increase in interest from foreign companies, writes the Danish news media, DR


Michelin stars spread growth to other business sectors

21 3 2012  -  Society and living

14 Danish restaurants were recently awarded Michelin stars. This is good for the restaurant business but will certainly benefit the tourism, retail and transport sectors too, according to the Danish Chamber of Commerce


Coloplast and Vestas receive WME Honours

20 3 2012  -  Companies

Coloplast and Vestas Wind Systems have been named among the 145 most ethical companies in the world


600 million DKK for strategic research

19 3 2012  -  Research & education

The Danish Council for Strategic Research is offering approximately 600 million DKK for research that is able to contribute to solving considerable social challenges and that can provide a foundation for future growth and prosperity in Denmark.


Agreement with Japan will create 5000 Danish jobs

14 3 2012  -  Economy

Minister for Trade and Investment, Pia Olsen Dyhr, has reached an agreement with the Japanese Minister for the Economy, Trade and Industry, Yukio Edano, to create a free trade arrangement between Japan and the European Union.


Handsome start for industrial production in 2012

13 3 2012  -  Economy

Recent figures from Statistics Denmark show a 1.8 percent increase in Danish industrial production from December 2011 to January 2012, writes the Herning Folkeblad newspaper.


Development package initiated to improve financing opportunities for SMEs

12 3 2012  -  Business conditions

The Danish government and the opposition parties in the Danish parliament have reached an agreement on a development package which will improve access to financing for Danish small and medium-sized enterprises, reports the Ministry of Business and Growth in a public statement


Copenhagen Capacity continues to create Danish jobs

08 3 2012  -  Copenhagen Capacity

1,368 new jobs in the Copenhagen region. This is one of the results achieved in 2011 by Copenhagen Capacity, an organisation set up to attract investment to Copenhagen and the Copenhagen region. In 2012, the organisation will be aiming to make the Copenhagen region even more attractive as a destination for foreign companies and talent. There is a need for both if jobs and growth are to continue being created in the region


Danish business executives are positive

07 3 2012  -  Economy

Danish business is picking up again as sales and employment are increasing, writes the Berlingske Tidende daily newspaper


Zealand wants to be EU’s greenest region

06 3 2012  -  Regional setup

With an investment of almost half a billion DKK, Region Zealand and 12 municipalities are planning to undertake an energy renovation of public buildings and convert to renewable energy, writes dr.dk