Universities create billions for Danish businesses

Research programmes between the University of Copenhagen (KU) and private companies yield DKK billions in growth, writes the Berlingske daily newspaper.

That is the conclusion of a recent survey conducted by the consultancy Damvad.

170 companies that are actively working with KU have been examined in an econometric analysis and compared against a control group of 1,402 companies not engaged in projects with the university. The study shows that companies working with KU have increased their annual productivity per employee with averagely 6.5 per cent compared to the control group. This equals an additional annual net profit of DKK 52.000 per employee and a total increase in surplus of DKK 18 million per company for the entire group.

A prior analysis shows that nearly 2,500 Danish companies that are engaged in R&D activities do not have joint research projects with an educational institution.

Damvad estimates that if these enterprises established similar collaborating projects as the sample group, and with the same positive outcome, the outcome would be an economic gain of DKK 23 billion.