Sustainable Danish design to China

The non-profit organisation Index will guide the Chinese metropolis Guangzhou in sustainable urban planning, writes

The fast-growing City of Guangzhou in China’s Guangdong Region is about to think green and sustainable. The transition will be assisted by the Danish non-profit organisation “Index: Design to Improve Life”.

The metropolis and the Danish organisation enter into a partnership which, among other things, involves an official Chinese delegation visiting Denmark to meet potential partners, including the City of Copenhagen’s Export Catalogue and Copenhagen Cleantech Cluster.

“We hope the delegation will experience “best practice” in Copenhagen and get inspired by the city’s sustainable design, for which Copenhagen has received the European Commission’s prestigious European Green Capital Award 2014”, writes the Danish organisation.

With inspiration from countries like Denmark, it is Guangzhou’s vision to become a modern “livable and sustainable” city that is attractive to qualified labour and industries.

“We predict a great return on investments from our Chinese partners through education, innovation and global networks. Also, we are pleased about the big business potential the partnership opens up for Danish industries, particular within cleantech and design” says Jens Wittrup-Willumsen, chairman of the board at Index: Design to Improve Life.

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