Sino-Danish Network is thriving

Through the Chinese-Danish initiative, Sino-Danish Network, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is seeking to attract Chinese talent to Denmark by communicating the favourable study environments and future career paths available

The network consists of 80 alumni who have all studied in Denmark and helps present the attractive opportunities for studying and working in Denmark.

- It has been amazing to study in Denmark. The traditional lectures were combined with group work on projects. This way, you achieved more from the knowledge you gained, says 34-year-old researcher in biotechnology Zhang Yu, who has completed both his masters and Ph.D. at Denmark’s Technical University, DTU. Yu is part of the Sino-Danish Network, which is located in Shanghai. From his position as researcher for Novozymes in Beijing he works with Danish universities and enterprises to enhance the links between Chinese students and Danish entities.

- We have had to acknowledge that Chinese talents are often not familiar with Denmark, or at least they do not consider Denmark as a country in which to study or a Danish company as a possible career path. That is why this coordinated effort is very important for opening the eyes of the Chinese to the fact that education in Denmark is a very good investment.

Besides the Danish universities, 14 large Danish companies, including Grundfos, Danfoss and Novozymes, are all supporting the project.

Besides the website, which has 8000 registered users, various social media are being utilised as well. Next week the network will run a Ph.D. campaign where it will be possible to chat live with Chinese employees who have studied for a Ph.D. at a Danish university.