Record-high number of applicants to tertiary educations

The number of applications for tertiary educations has beat all records in 2012, reports the Ministry of Research, Innovation and Higher Educations

Almost 81.000 hopeful students have applied for admittance at a tertiary education in 2012, which is the highest number ever recorded. Educations with a high probability of employment are particularly popular.

2011 held the previous record, which has now been surpassed by the 2012 result. The largest increase is to be found in the business academy educations, which has received 10 per cent more applications compared to 2011, while the number of applications for professional bachelors has increased with seven per cent.

Minister for Education, Morten Østergaard, is pleased with this progress, as it corresponds with the government’s objectives of continuously increasing the Danes’ level of education.

- Reaching a high level of education in population is a cornerstone in the government’s policy in order to ensure future prosperity and growth in Denmark. The increasing interest indicates that we are getting closer to the government’s ambitious objective of 60 per cent of all Danes completing a tertiary education, says Morten Østergaard.

In addition, the Minister appreciates that the future students are choosing areas of education that the business sector demands.

- I notice, among others, a big interest in educations in engineering and natural sciences, which have relatively high intakes and good job opportunities

Nevertheless, the classic welfare educations are still very popular. Compared to 2011 figures, 14 per cent more wants to become social workers, and the number of applicants for becoming a pedagogue and a nurse have risen 12 and 9 per cent, respectively.