6 % increase in engineer applicants at Technical University of Denmark

When the deadline for applications to higher educations in Denmark expired on July 5, the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) had received 1,690 first-priority applications for civil engineering, and BSc engineering programs from a total of 4,444 applications.

Never before have this many candidates applied for admission at DTU, though a record-high number of young people have expressed interest to become engineers for 11 consecutive years.

The most popular programmes are IT training, software technology and technical biomedicine. Also, the newly accredited BSc of Geophysics and Space Technology attracts attention, and DTU has received 86 applications for this educational track.

Last year, the number of first-priority applications was 1,591, but this year the interest of being accepted to one of DTU's engineering studies has increased by an extra 6 per cent.

- The world is waiting for engineers, who can think innovatively and sustainable, so we can solve the world's climate and welfare challenges. The interest to study engineering has gained ground among the youth, which is good because Denmark needs engineers. To generate growth and ensure welfare, new jobs must be created, and engineers are able to do that, says head of faculty, Martin Vigild.

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