Greenwave Systems drives European market expansion from Denmark

To meet high growth expectations for the Internet of Things segment in Europe, the US-Danish ICT company Greenwave Systems is expanding its Danish presence with a European customer support centre and additional R&D facilities.

Denmark’s talent pool and central geographical position were decisive in the choice of expanding the company’s Danish location to be the centre for accelerating European market expansion.

Denmark is a world leader within ICT with an amazing talent pool and a favourable business climate. To expand our international presence we needed a location that would do best job of serving our clients expediently. Denmark has delivered in all respects.

separator - Peter Vilmar Christensen | co-founder of Greenwave Systems

Reasons for choosing Greater Copenhagen:

  • Denmark is a world leader within ICT
  • Offers a highly skilled talent pool
  • Has an ideal, central location for a European customer support centre and R&D facilities
  • Offers a favourable business climate

About Greenwave Systems

Greenwave Systems is a US-Danish software and services company whose singular focus is to drive the mass adoption of Internet of Things. Greenwave Systems works closely with leading service providers, utilities and consumer electronics companies to design, build, deploy and manage connected devices and services so they can provide new intuitive and user-friendly smart home offerings, enhance their service levels and drive down their costs.

How can we help your company?

Denmark is a leader within smart grid and smart city solutions offering a prime market for R&D, testing and sales. Copenhagen Capacity will assist your company with, among other things, benchmark analyses of business framework conditions as well as getting in contact with local talent. Please read more about our business services.