Copenhagen and the world

Copenhagen links continental Europe, Scandinavia and the Baltic countries, providing your company with access to a market of 25 million consumers and Scandinavia’s highest density of businesses and population.

Get easy access to and from key market locations with Copenhagen’s excellent infrastructure:

  • Copenhagen has more than 134 global flight connections
  • Copenhagen provides 24 hour connections to more than 1,200 major cities in Europe
  • In 2021, the Fehmarnbelt connection will reduce travel time by 1 hour between Denmark and Hamburg
  • The Copenhagen Malmö Port (CPM) is one of the Nordic Region’s largest port and terminal operators
  • Copenhagen Airport is located just 10 kilometres from the city centre. A direct train and Metro connection take you to and from the airport in just 15 minutes

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Copenhagen Airport:

  • has the most intercontinental, European, Scandinavian & Baltic connections of all the Scandinavian airports
  • has been voted Europe’s best airport and came top for punctuality
  • is the largest cargo airport in Northern Europe with direct flights to 31 cargo destinations, handling 380,000 tonnes of cargo

Flights to Copenhagen 


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